C A I T L Y N N   T O B I N

at Burlington Farm
260 Burlington Road
Freehold NJ 07728


The Equestrian Experience is a private lesson program that offers quality riding instruction on our horses or your own! Owner/ Head Instructor Caitlynn Tobin works with students in a quiet, safe setting to hone horse and rider. 


30 minute Private Lesson: $55                                                         

60 minute Private Lesson: $80

60 minute Semi Private Lesson: $65 per person (2 people)

60 minute Group Lesson: $60 (3 people)


Little Riders Program:

This is for younger students, between the ages of 5-7, who are just starting out. Offered in a group setting, this hour long lesson combines riding time with unmounted activities to offer children the whole package!Youngsters will learn the basics of riding, as well as how to groom and tack the horse, parts of the horse, and equine health.  The Little Riders Program is run periodically in three week sessions, in groups of two to three students. ($150 for the three weeks.)